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Using Umbrella With Flash Light

by Heena
 on February 20, 2014
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Every Photographer once want to try there hand on extra lighting source other then natural light , now is where things start to get a little more interesting. Let’s talk about your first “light modifier.”

Obviously if this is your first time you are going to start with which is not expensive and easy to handle umbrella will almost certainly be your first light choice. The external flash which you might already have like Digitek  flash or some other brand is very small in size and produce very hard beam of light.

Thus, It produce very hard and harsh light, we need to soften it with diffuser like White Translucent umbrella or Reflector or soft box.An umbrella takes your harsh flashlight and essentially turns it into a window.


The good thing about Umbrella is they are cheap, portable and super useful. Which is why you’ll  want an umbrella as your first soft light source.

There are two kinds of umbrella we normally use — the reflected umbrella and the translucent white shoot-through umbrella. I strongly prefer the white (shoot-through) version as it is more versatile. In particular, because you can bring it right up next to someone’s face for both power and softness.

You need to have a Flash Bracket you use the umbrella with the flash  unit It called the B bracket , It’s has the cold shoe which hold the flash and little hole which holds the umbrella rod and this bracket goes in to the light stand . If you are going to start with the light setup and  will suggest   43″ shoot-through umbrella, which is pictured below.



They are cheap around 700/- small and easy to transport. Because of the telescoping shaft, they can be a little fragile. But use care, and they will last.

There is silver and Black umbrella also available which is normally used for creating a high contrast photographs.

Here is very good Video demonstration how to Use Umbrella

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