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Top 10 Android Mobile Apps for Photography

by pravash ranjan behera
pravash ranjan behera
June 16, 2014
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With plenty of camera enhancement and photo editing mobile apps available online, photography has become a child’s play.

Here are a few android apps to help smartphone users achieve a professional finish in photography.


1) Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX with its host of exciting new features like Auto-focus, Burst and multiple shooting mode, image stabilizer, photo filters, sound controlled shooting, and many more, makes it the ultimate camera app for any photo freak. With voice activated shutter, group and self-portraits can be captured with so much ease. You can even collage your photos, add interesting frames, borders, edit them according to your requirements, and share them with friends in Facebook, twitter or flickr with just one tap.

Camera ZOOM FX

2) Snapseed

Let your creativity flow with Snapseed. Innovative features like Auto correction, Selective adjustment, Tune image, and other photo editing choices make the task of delivering professionally finished photo shots as easy as pie. Be it adding a vintage or classic black and white touch, hippy or filmy retro style effect, or trying a miniature Scenery or portrait photography, all these and much more can be achieved with this android app.


3) Picsay

If you want your photos to speak and be full of life, then try out this exciting app Picsay. It can add word balloons, titles, stickers, signs, symbols, and much more with its amazing range of funny editing tools to make your photographs come to life.


4) Procapture

When it comes to capturing the best quality panoramic pictures, Procapture is definitely worth giving a try. Its wide shot and Panorama mode helps capture breathtaking landscape photographs. Wide shot option preserves the angles in the scene, giving image the necessary depth and scale. Panorama mode succeeds in capturing scenic beauties spanning over a large distance.


5) Perfectly Clear

Now shaky, blurry, and unclear images won’t steal the smile from your face. With Perfectly Clear, your photos get a new life magically. Its advanced photo correction features along with powerful camera capture help deliver clarity and precision as required in professional photography.


6) PicsArt

You can now unleash the inner artist in you with the help of PicsArt mobile app. This incredible photo editor and art community not only adds a brilliant artistic touch to your photograph but also gets you in touch with many other professional as well as novice photographers from across the globe. It provides smart editing tools to do umpteen varieties of manipulations along with the facility to draw and merge layers, giving three-dimensional effect of a real painting.


7) Beauty Camera

Portrait photography is done best with android app Beauty Camera. Any imperfections in the skin of the model or any problem with brightness and tonal effect of the photo can be done away with this app. And the result is a picture perfect portrait photograph!!!

Beauty camera

8) Camera360 Ultimate

No matter how bad your cell phone camera is, with Camera360 Ultimate, you are bound to be surprised with the kind of photographs you can achieve due to its amazing array of photo enhancement tools. It also comes with a powerful photo organizer, Cloud, which can edit, arrange, and store your photos with much ease and speed.

Camera 360 ultimate


CAMERA FV-5 is any photographer’s dream come true. All the manual control features of a DSLR are made available in your smartphone with this app. Apart from that, advanced tools like live RGB histogram, 10 composition grid overlays, and 9 crop guides are also available.



Its powerful camera, an array of 100 filters, and easy photo enhancement options can give you results which are beyond your imagination. Cymera Season 2 takes fun just to another level by allowing you to have fun with pictures along with your friends in private albums.


These ten android apps have some common as well as some unique features, which are developed and tailored to make photography an easy, fun-filled, and exciting journey for you.

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