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Start creating your own green screen studio

by pravash ranjan behera
pravash ranjan behera
 on February 26, 2014

Either you know or not but we see the Green Screen Backdrop Technology in every day movies and television shows Earlier it was just in the reach of film maker and special effect artist but now  it is in reach of the average photographic consumer. So lets see that is actually is green screen photography ?


It is originally know (and still is) known as Chroma Keying, and works on the idea of using a background of one unique color most commonly green or blue, that can be easily selected and removed in post production software. Green and blue are used as they are well separated from the colors in a natural skin tone.

Earlier Keying software ot post processing software were very expensive and out of reach of hobbyist or learner video and Chroma keying student, But from last 8 to 10 years there are many chroma key post processing software are available and it is not very expensive also.

So what so you need to create simple green screen photos?

The fact is, with very little, you can get good results with a simple two flash set up and and good quality, dedicated green background.

The most important aspect is to light the background evenly and to keep good separation of you subject from the background. you can use a two mid size softbox or umbrella ot evenly lit the green backdrop ,To light the subject you can use a second flash with umbrella on the opposite 45 degree angle. Keep safe distance from green screen at least 2 mtr between you subject and the green screen So no shadow fall on the green screen backdrop.



Optimal Camera Settings for Green Screen Photography

It is most important to shoot manual specially White balance if you shoot auto white balance camera may be confuse  with so much green in the room and can generate different tone when doing chroma keying post processing you can use custome WB if your camera support Use you camera’s minimum ISO as any noise in the image can cause problems in selecting the background in post production.

Your shutter speed should be high enough to exclude any ambient light in the room and eliminate any natural light which fall in to your working area try to shoot with 1/160 or so. You should always shoot in RAW if you are shoting Chroma keying as it gives you much more option to post process

Other Considerations for Green Screen Photography

Some other obvious considerations when shooting with green screen backdrop or blue screen backdrop ot your subject is not wearing the same color tone cloth other wise your subject will also be get edited in post processing job include what your subject is wearing. It is preferable to avoid entirely if possible.

You should consider the lighting mood of the background you are going to put your subject in you should try to achieve the same lighting mood with your subject while placing your light other wise it will be very odd to look at.

So with your images taken, it’s time to remove the background. It is can be very vast and detail subject how to work on selection tools with photoshop.  

At the simplest end, you can use basic Photoshop tools and perhaps the best way to do this is to use the color range tool in the Select menu. By using a combination of the color picker, fuzziness and using the add to selection tool, you can create a pretty good selection. You can further refine this selection using Photoshop tools such as the background eraser.

With this setup sure you can create your own in house chroma screen studio and start  making your own special effect scene or movies. Its very cheap to get these setup now sells very good quality and well price chroma green backdrop and chroma video blue backdrop along with the green screen stand. 


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  • Megan
    December 18, 2014 at 2:43 am


    Would it be possible to use the image of the green screen studio for the purpose of announcing a series of talks that our non profit organization will be hosting? This image would be a perfect fit to illustrate our theme of the “Talk Show”.
    Please let me know.
    Very best,

    • minister
      December 18, 2014 at 9:56 am

      yes you can use certainly use this setup for in house photo studio setup. most of our buyer and clients are using this setup.
      you just make sure you use proper lighting while working with chroma screen becoz at time of PP you don’t want to deal with uneven shave on BG

      • Megan
        December 18, 2014 at 5:47 pm


        Thank you for you response, actually I was hoping that I could use the image of the set up above (the green backdrop with the two chairs and lights) on a website and in a print in order to announce activities that our non – profit gallery will be hosting. Would you give me permission to do so? I am happy to include the appropriate credit information if so.
        Very best,

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