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So what is actually Compositing ?

by Heena
December 31, 2013
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Intro Image: My brother who is mad about his bike asked to shoot his new yamaha bike and bring along his friend also . I was reluctant to shoot that day because it was very over cast day and we also had no good spot to shoot motorbike  So i decided to make composite shot and surprised them.


So what is actually Compositing ?

Compositing, is the technique—art and craft—of combining images to create a new image. The newly created image often presents its own version of reality. Compositing is now a days hottest trend in photoshop world specially in advertisement and portfolio shoot and newly added category “wedding” . Actually if you see closely it is every where movie ,films,magazine. Toronto, Ontario-based Little Blue Lemon Photography recently created a geektastic wedding photo showing a terrified bridal party being chased through the streets by an angry mob of AT-AT Walkers (Star Wars). They used photos taken of a toy AT-AT Walker and their impressive Photoshop skills to end up with this final result.

What you need :

  • One of the most important secrets to compositing: how to master selections in Photoshop there are tool and trics
  • you also need to understand which background goes with what foreground
  • you should have a creative eye to image the final outcome before choosing your background that it will fit into it.
  • And all of the Photoshop tips, tricks, and special effects you need to pull off a convincing, professional composite.

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