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by Heena
December 31, 2013
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How To chose Backdrop Who don’t want to place there subject on very nice and clean background ? I think no body.
A good background is as important as your subject, A cluttered or dirty background can ruin you whole portrait.
and its very necessary to have a seamless and very nicely lit background if you are shooting somebody portfolio or any product shoot.  
when you decide to buy a backdrop you have many option.There are different kind of backdrop available depending what is your need and what is you shooting location and how much your pocket agrees.

here is the guide which you can use to help choose your suitable backdrop setup

Collapsible Backdrops

These backdrops are suitable for on-location shoots. They are very easy to be transported to different locations. One can fold these backdrops and fit them in the vehicle easily. These backdrops are good for shooting for individuals, products and couples. They are light in weight. but they limit in size.

Vinyl Backdrops

These backdrops are suitable for in-studio shooting. Mount them on the studio wall to create smooth and seamless backdrops. These are durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. Vinyl backdrops are suitable for all types of poses – floor poses, close-ups and full-length poses. They cannot be taken for on-location shoots very easily.these are non cloth material so you can wash it very easily , but as it is shiny plastic it reflect lots of light and some time it can give you hot spot also from your light.

Photography Muslin Backdrops

Muslin backdrops are used by many photographers as multi-purpose backdrops. They are portable as well as usable in studios. They are very versatile. For transportation, they can be easily folded; and for using them in the studio, they can be hanged on walls. For on-location shooting, the photographers use portable background support stands for hanging muslin backdrops.these comes in various design and style, like flower or cloudy or some wall texture etc.

Canvas Backdrops

 Canvas backdrops can be used for different poses inside the studio. Hang them in the studio from roller system. Use these types of backdrops for three-quarter shots or close-ups… they are not good for head to toe shoots. They are most suitable for business portraits. and these are quite heavy and expensive also.

Sheer/cloth Backdrops

Sheer backdrop clothes can be selected as an accent. They comes in various color and texture like white,black,croma green,croma blue,red,blue and in different variety also.

Sheer backdrop mainly used by photographers who want to use different kind/style of backdrop but don’t want to spend much for single style sheet, So they buy these kind of cloth background which comes in range of 500/- to 2000/- rs  

if you want more professional and wrinkle free look you use it  with vinyl backdrops for giving a softer look when making portraits . Select colored sheer fabric when using gels for mute pastel colors in your portrait backdrops. Sheer backdrop clothes are suitable for on-location shoots as well as in-studio shoots. They are of very light weight and fold very easily.   

If you don’t want to spend much and just starting out you can use it on single pipe like you use it door curtain and hang on it , or you can use it with backdrop stand which are also not very expensive and comes for 1800/- to 2300/-

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