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by Heena
December 5, 2015

Shooting portraits of other subjects such as landscapes and still life photography is not the same in which the lens is a living model of flesh and blood, rather than the landscaped stone dead. If there is a lack of good two-way communication, model will not be aware of idea in photographer’s mind therefore body movements will become confused if not directed properly. It will directly cause a decline in photo quality.


I recently met a friend in the studio to shoot a series of photos, which can share some experiences about friends, and if you are planning to shoot portraits of the idea, wish to make this idea as reference.


(A) Planning an introduction before shooting

Photographers can shoot with their own ideas with a model by briefly informing the same to her. For example in case of column points, avoid long-widening conversation as it will make the model too nervous and also affect her performance. Moreover, at times others may not be able to digest and remember your detailed plan.


(B) Shooting is the way to increase interaction

While shooting a photographer will naturally guide the model about various positions and angles. Photographers try to establish a relationship of trust with their touch especially with children. You can encourage each other at the time when you do not understand the direct expression to their knowledge. It is the best way to avoid a loss in a models performance.




(C) Be appreciative

Photographer while shooting can say positive phrases, such as “GOOD”, “NICE”, “relax “, “what a smile Waco,” etc., to make each other feel  good and comfortable. At the same time we can crack some jokes because the first model to hear positive response usually is the most beautiful (except models are too cold person)!



(D) Arbitrary position

Take some time as concept posture requires lying down some arbitrary action for models. These actions are mostly done with heart, it will directly reflect the current mood of a model. It also allows a photographer himself a break as he can view or change the lighting and camera settings.


(V) Rest

I advice at least a five-minute break in half hour to let models get relieved. Moreover, photographer can also put the camera in giving a look to the previous models photos and take the opportunity to explain about a photo as to why this should be so.








(F) Repeating the above

Repeating few tricks to make models slowly indulge into your shooting rhythm, this will create a relative reduction in the negative impact of the shooting and increase the efficiency making the whole shooting process easier and fun to do!

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