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by Heena
 on October 22, 2014
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It is hard to imagine life without a cell phone. Phones play music, browse the Internet, send emails, and take pictures. For all its usefulness, however, the problem with cell phone is they can’t be used or stand hand free you can also break it accidentally if you try to mount it loosely especially when you are in a car or outside. . To remedy this, manufacturers offer cell phone mounts and holders that can be installed in the car or branch of tree or on your tea table and enjoy the movie or take the selfi with your friends

For those who are still on the fence about using the mobile tripod or mount or holder , there are seven practical reasons why they are helpful. It is also important that potential buyers know about the various kinds of mounts and holders out in the market today in order to make a wise purchase.

Here is the picture of Mobile stand Gorilla pod with bracket

Why Use Cell Phone Mounts and Holders ?

A cell phone mount or holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location . These mounts are normally installed in places where one needs to have his or her hands free to do something else. Aside from a table or desk, mounts and holders can also be used on tree branch or on uneven surface like rock , the benefit of mobile gorilla tripod is these can be used any where.

Different Types of Cell Phone Mounts and Holders

Choosing among the various cell phone mounts and holders can be confusing, especially when one does not know the different types available. For starters, it is important to note that cell phone mounts are generally classified based on how they are installed There are go pro suction mount holder available for go pro camera. If you want you can mount your cell phone on vertical position using mobile bracket.

Here is the picture of Go pro suction mount holder

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