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Making DSLR movies

by Ana Tatu
Ana Tatu
 on January 30, 2014
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Motion pictures started its journey in 1895 with Lumiere Brothers. Since then we have witnessing a constant and rapid technological changes in the film industry. Today we are lying on the era of digital cinema. Digital cinema has brought a total revolution in the aspect of filmmaking, and it has democratized and made film more independent. Earlier, digital films were not considered as films, rather it was called video. But now, the ideas have changed and digital film is recognized as ‘Film’.

The process of digitization of cinema started in the 1990’s with the introduction of computers. Special effects and graphics were the first gifts of the computers. With the development of editing software, films started getting edited in computers. The software gave much more flexibility and minimized the chances of editing errors.

Later on, digital cameras developed. It replaced the film cameras, and allowed the users greater flexibility and the option for instant review. But the earlier versions of digital cameras suffered certain limitations, like focus control, depth of field, color resolution, etc. But with the introduction of DSLRs, these problems are almost nullified. DSLRs & other modern digital cameras are quite cheaper than the film cameras, and also reduced the cost of filming as film is not anymore required, as the images are stored in digital tapes, hard disks,, memory cards, etc. Many complained that digital film cannot be screened in big screens as images pixilated. But now the Full HD format (1920×1080), available in almost all the cameras, had eliminated the problem.

The advantages of using DSLRs in film making are:

  • DSLRS are cheap, light weight and flexible. It is also cheaper than other digital cameras.

  • DSLR video making accessory are easily available like shoulder rigs and video lights ,Chroma key backdrops
  • Greater controls with easy aperture control, ISO control and option of wide variety of lenses.

  • These cameras have very good low light sensitivity; hence you will need much lesser lights resulting into the reduction of cost.

  • Live view and review options give the opportunity to monitor errors instantly.

  • Images are stored in hard disks, digital tapes, memory cards which are way cheaper than film.

  • Movies can be shot in multiple aspect rations and speed like 1920x1080p at 29.9/ 25/ 24 frames per second, 1080X720p at 60/ 50/ 30/ 29/ 25/ 24 frames per second and also in lower resolution in multiple frame speed.

  • Option of having full size (35 mm) sensors just like film cameras.

  • Advanced digital processor providing better image quality.

  • Sound can be directly recorded into the camera with inbuilt microphone or using an external microphone.

  • Much lesser conversion as nowadays films are edited in digital platforms only. Hence best image quality is maintained.

Strategic Ways of Independent Filmmaking with a DSLR

  • Use any DSLRs which support video recording. Prefer the one with Full HD option to the HD variants. Full HD will give you greater flexibility in editing as you can crop, or use selected regions without creating distortions.

  • Edit on your Own using softwares like Premier, Final Cut, Avid

  • Create music and background scores by using softwares like Nuendo, Protools, Logic, Reason, etc

  • Distribute your film through CD/ DVD/ Internet. Also sent to festivals which you think your film is suitable for.

There are many Bollywood films which had been partially or fully shot in DSLRs





Love Sex Aur Dhoka


Dibakar Banerjee

Khosla Ka Ghosla


Dibakar Banerjee

Chillar Party


Nitesh Tiwari

Girl in the Yellow Boots


Anurag Kashyap

Not a Love Story


Ram Gopal Verma

Stanley Ka Dabba


Amole Guote

Slumdog Millionaire


Danny Boyle

Yes. It’s that easy. So start making your own film with DSLRs today.

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