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How To Keep Your Photography Gear Safe in the Rain

by Heena
June 24, 2016

An interesting fact about photography is that the best shots are taken in the worst weather. Despite this theory, it is very important to protect your camera and equipment from the elements. If water seeps into the sensitive parts of your camera, it could get damaged permanently. Thankfully, there is some affordable equipment that you can use to protect your camera from the elements.

Point to note

There are cameras that come with weather sealing features already built into them. This sealing helps to protect it from a little rain or splash of water. For example, you can comfortably shoot pictures in a downpour of rain by using these weather sealed cameras. Despite this technology, it is still advisable to use protective accessories to protect your camera from the rain.


If you normally take photos in humid areas, then you should always protect your camera from the rain. Some examples of humid areas include Hawaii, California, Brazil and the Phillipines. Moisture build-up on your camera lenses can cause them to get destroyed permanently. This is because mold will grow on the lens and render it useless. If you regularly shoot in such areas, make sure that you dry your equipment thoroughly. Remember to extend the zoom lenses as they dry to prevent moisture getting trapped in the cones. Here are some ways to keep your gear safe in rain.

Utilize a one-time use rain sleeve for your camera

A one-time use rain sleeve is sort of like a clear, plastic bag that you can slip over your camera when taking shots in the rain. It only costs a few dollars and is available online. It is ideal to take photos in the rain for one session. Afterwards, discard it and use another next time.


Utilize a regular plastic bag or a shower cap

Sometimes the rain can begin to pour and you don’t have any rain sleeves with you. Simply grab a clear plastic bag that has the capacity of about a gallon. Slip it over the camera and shoot as usual. If you have none on hand, procure a clear shower cap. It will perform just as effectively.

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Simply use your umbrella

Sometimes, the simplest solution is always the best and most effective. An umbrella held over the camera will keep it dry while shooting. If you are shooting on your own, have someone else hold the umbrella over you. On the other hand, if you have perched the camera on a tripod, then you can hold an umbrella over it and shoot to your satisfaction.

Purchase a brand name, long-term rain sleeve

There are brands that specialize in producing rain sleeves. An example of such a brand is Think Tank. Sleeves from these brands cost approximately $150. There are professional rain sleeves for DSLR cameras that you can use for up to 2 years without needing a new one.


Photography is a vibrant profession. You never know when you will see the perfect shot. If you have some rain sleeves with you, simply slip one over your camera and take that shot.

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