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How to do concert photography

by Heena
 on March 12, 2014
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Concert photography or night club photography is not a field every photographer want to try  may be because they are too crowded to carry your big lenses and big expensive camera and second most of the famous concert do not allow freelancer photographer to enter with the professional gear. If you you some how manage to get a good spot and entry permission there are some tips you can use for concert or big event photography.


One of most critical challenge is that usually the concert halls are usually dark and low light and with a very tricky light setup Red,Blue,magenta,yellow and they create a very nice atmosphere but only a master with lighting understand can handle such situation. you must shoot with manual exposure mode other wise your camera will always try to adjusting the standard exposure  which you don’t want, first take a some test shot in every angel of the hall or ground so you know what is the light situation and try to remember those setting for future use.
Still keeping in mind that not everyone is professional photographer, few simpler techniques can do a big deal to help!

Following are some important tips

Do not think of carrying a tripod

Tripods being awkward and burdensome in concert halls, it is impossible to set up and operate with such equipments. For an alternative, one can always consider use of a monopod. But even better option is to learn to stabilize your hand.


Avoid the use of Flash

Usually a flash is not allowed so that photographers aren’t distracted. And otherwise, it will make no benefit since the lighting on stage lits the subject well enough. Moreover, using a flash will all the more highlight the head of the person in front of you. Thus using a flash increases your chances to failure.

Carry a fast lens

use the fast lens you have, I will suggest at least use use F1.4 or F1.8 this will give you best chance to shoot with wider aperture and you can use as much as light you want.

Try to synchronize shots with light conditions

If one can manage to synchronize shots exactly when the lighting conditions are bright, and use zoom as long as you can take steady shots. Take varied angles so as to get dynamic shots.


Carry a zoom lens

With zoom lens you can avoid the head or hand of people standing in front of you and gives you closer shot. always shoot with highest resolution you can shoot with that will help you crop the unwanted element in post processing.

Set the camera to its highest resolution and quality settings, which will facilitate cropping of images later on.

Follow the tips discussed above and you will get a very professional outcome of the photographs you take.

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