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Essential Accessories that Every Photographer Needs to Carry

by Ana Tatu
Ana Tatu
May 6, 2014
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Purchasing a DSLR is just the beginning of your photographic journey. To make your work effective, precise, and well-defined, you need to have some essential things in your arsenal. Camera bags and memory cards are not the only things that make up a photographer’s accessory list. Regardless of your expertise in photography, having the necessary tools will make a big difference. The tools list varies depending on the work of the photographer.

Power Source

A professional photographer will never underestimate the significance of additional batteries. Whether you are on a vacation, photo-shoots or shooting photos for some other purposes, it can be quite frustrating when the battery goes off. Having backup batteries in hand will be of immense help during such times. It is the branded ones that cost a lot. Otherwise you can get good deals on batteries on sites like Best Buy, Amazon, and other online sites. Batteries have a short life in cold temperatures, so you need to carry the appropriate backup batteries in such cases.

Filters for Better Protection

The UV filters used in cameras are meant for filtering the UV light basically, but the filters are also used to protect the lens from

  • Impact

  • Grime and dust

  • Scratches

The filters range from 500 to over 5000 based on the brand and quality you buy. Going for a good quality filter will protect the lens, which is costlier to replace. Though some photographers think that the filters affect image quality, it is not so. In fact they make it easier for cleaning the lenses.

In addition to the UV filter, a polarizing filter is also needed to reduce the reflection you get from glass and water. They also aid in darkening the sky and creating more vivid pictures. The only drawback these have is they slow down the camera by reducing the amount of light that enters into it.

Maintenance Tools

Micro-fiber cloth dust blower should be present to remove the smudges and fingerprints formed. Dust blower is needed to remove the dust and dirt that adhere to the lens. Other cleaning tools include brush and cleaning pen combo, which enable a fingerprint free and precise lens cleaning.

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Protective Case for the Camera

Though the camera is going to be in use constantly, a camera case gives better protection. While buying the camera bag or case, you need to consider other items that go with it like the backup batteries, card readers, memory cards, filters, lenses, and the cleaning essentials. A bag with good padding and excellent protection externally will keep your photography equipment safe.


There are other vital things you need to have such as an external hard drive in case you take quite a high number of shots in high resolution or take HD video films. A 1 TB storage portable drive is the minimum storage option that you should have. Nifty Fifty or no zoom lens is essential for shots of portraits, food and settings in low light, as well as for close-ups and still photos. A tripod is another versatile accessory that you should not forget. It is vital for self-portraits, crisp images, and shooting in low light and for long exposures.

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