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Choose Best and cheap Video LED in INDIA

by Ana Tatu
Ana Tatu
October 1, 2014
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Ask any experienced filmmaker or videographer what is the most essential element of any shoot (other than the camera), and good lighting should be right at the top of the list. So choosing right light is important.

Its obvious that lighting is the key element in video or still photo.No matter how good is your composition you have or how expensive pro series camera body and lenses you are using if you have not invested in right light source your picture or video is not going to come out well.

From last 2 or 3 years we see large number of young are trying there hand in digital film making and photography field in India. Since DSLR started offering professional Video featured in there cameras and they are now relatively cheaper also why not.

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If you also looking to buy cheap and best video light in India this article might help you.

In India when it comes to continuous video light we don’t have much option compare to US and other countries.

Indians are already using HOT halogen tube or some call it sungun (SUN because it’s hot) in marriage and parties.But its very hot and second it is not natural balanced its color temperature is low

helogen light

Color temperature is typically recorded in kelvin, the unit of absolute temperature. Cool colors like blue and white generally have color temperatures over 7000K, while warmer colors like red and orange lie around the 2000K mark.

This Cheat sheet from DCA with help you understand the what color temp are produced my different light source.

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We can figured out that halogen temp. is around 2000 to 2500K  that is why it is hot and tungsten in color.This is the reason people are avoiding it and looking for other options like LED video light.

Now best thing about the LED light is it can be used for video as well as still also,It it color corrected to 5000k or 5500K.

LED light are cool light so your model or subject don’t get sweaty and wipe all your 1000 rs make up while shooting.You also save lots of time in post process as you don’t have to correct the color temperature.

We have many options in India to select cheap and best LED video light.

There are many LED Video lights brands available in India. Some are Digitek,Yongnuo,Digipro,Simpex.

We have sold both Digipro and Digitek LED on our store and we can give s you some insight which one is better compare to other.

Digitek D160 LED Video Light

This is a new Model by Digitek item code is D160 . Its 160 LED Contentious video light.some key feature of this light are



2.Variable power

3.Three Color Filter

4.Run on lethiem or AA batteries

5.Comes with batteries and charger

6.Color corrected

7.Reflective Glass kind surface for high reflection.


This LED light do not comes with barn door

 photosquare_digitek 10 led light-9738

photosquare_digitek 10 led light-9731


Check Unboxing Video here:-icon_entertainment@2x



 Digipro 140 LED Video Light

Digipro 140LEd video light is from unknown manufacturer i assume it a chines company hense no warrenty. right now its no were to find in the market for sale. here are its main feature.


1.140 LED light

2. Comes with barn door

3.Includes battery and charger

4.Three Filter


1.Old box style design

2.Build quality is not so good feels like made of tin warranty

Digitek D010 LED Video light 

This Digitel led video light is well suited for pro shooters and movie camera. its comes with barn door which help direct the light its filter are inbuilt , you just need to snap in and snap out to open and close the filter.

Its also comes with Battery and charger and has variable power out put and battery power indicator.

photosquare_digitek 10 led light-9709

photosquare_digitek 10 led light-9710





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