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by Heena
March 19, 2015

Shoot more,Experts says your good photos start coming after 1000. Believe me some day you will hold your camera and will think what to shoot ? Yeah that’s happens with all of us. So there are some points which can help you choosing your next subject.

(1) to the zoo around

In fact, location is not necessarily the zoo, the main purpose is to let you have a clear shot goal, so you can focus on one topic (instead of aimlessly shooting). In addition to the zoo, you can also visit the bazaar, parks, playgrounds and other. Here are some examples:

Location Practice
Zoo Let’s shoot out like an animal in the zoo is shut like
Fair Like this Bazaar magazine correspondent reported as the most attractive selling point
Park Focus close-up shot of the park facilities – excavations usually see tiny features
Playground Use interesting ways to record each child smile

Photo by {link:}Patrick Bouquet{/link}

(2) shoot your snacks

To take a food does not have to shoot a hot meal or a full meal, try to pick up the look of your favorite snacks, to practice how to use the following settings to tempting food photo shoot:

  • Use of natural light window
  • Use an external flash or a few sticks to create the effect of doing
  • Shooting macro or close-up
  • How to use the related accessories for decoration, make a photo more attractive
  • Use small toys shooting

Photo by {link:}Stevie Spiers Photography{/link}

(3) Pick one, or a bunch of paper clips

Your head stationery sets can also be a shooting theme! Try to pick up a pile of paper clips, use their close-up macro shooting skills, take issue abstract works taste it! Of course, not necessarily just words folder, other stationery such as pencils, and even coins can ah!

Photo by {link: https: Sebastien Wiertz //} {/ link}

Photo by {link:}Vladimer Shioshvili{/link}

(4) the street shooting

In fact, there are many topics on the street can shoot, pick up your camera and lens in which one (if any, 50mm fixed focus lens can go out), try to find light in the street, couple, elderly, interesting people and things re-use of black and white photo of expression, signs, lighting, etc., enough for you to take on most of the day too!


(5) Beat Facebook emoticons with friends

Friends are not necessarily about to eat, you can also ask them to make model! You can invite your friends to let them shots for professional Facebook emoticons, or to be posted elsewhere beautiful photos, even if a friend is not a photographer, you can tell him / her to discuss the method looks good, maybe there will be a windfall it!

(6) Serious Self

No friends willing to be model? Do not worry, your own is the best model of! Practice how to choose the background, the use of light / flash, softbox, etc., for my own pictures from a professional now! Here are several teaching can provide some inspiration:


Photo by {link:}Felix Meyer{/link}

(7) Coke can shoot ah!

In addition to the second point of the food photography, you can also pick up an object, such as Coke, took advantage of the product’s skills (such as lighting, decoration, etc.) to highlight their strengths and create an atmosphere, I do not know how to start? Look at the following simple teaching it:

For example this photo:

Photo by {link: https: ZAINURI Hamzah //} {/ link}


(8) repeated practice photography skills

7 above also failed to meet your requirements? There are a last resort, that is, repeated practice your photography skills learned, and this point even if you usually can do much more exercise, you will master degree in photography increased accordingly! Here are some items you can always practice:

  • Exposure estimates – no camera or light meter, straight from the heart to see the environment estimate of what the camera’s setup should use: shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, whether subtraction EV? Increase or decrease the exposure has any effect on the photo?
  • The focal length of practice – the same thing, try using a different focal length, such as wide angle of 16mm, the focal length of 85mm and telephoto 200mm, to see whether the use of different focal lengths what impact photos, you can also practice “wide-angle shot a sense of space, telephoto compression background “( teaching ) effect.
  • Familiarization camera button – the more high-end camera, easy to use buttons in the more body, in fact, there are many novice generally ignore button is useful, for example, AE-Lock, AF-On, depth of field preview, customized features and so on, you can hold the camera look.


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