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10 Tips for Summer Photo Session

by pravash ranjan behera
pravash ranjan behera
June 1, 2014

Summer is the best time for outdoor photography. There is so much color and life around you, that you simply can’t resist but capture them in a picture perfect frame.7689642700_575c576156_b

Here are ten tips to prepare you for outdoor photo session in summer.

  1. Scout for Summer Spots

The sweltering summer heat is most likely to make people retreat to spots like beaches, swimming pools, garden full of blossoms, woods to escape the heat and let one’s hair down. Try to explore the perfect spot around these places so as to capture the full fun of summer season. Surfing, sailing, lazing in beach chairs, camping, swimming or splashing in the pool etc., can serve as perfect captures.

  1. Nature at its Best

Summer season is the time when Mother Nature is at its best. Animal and plant life is full of life and vitality. If you fail to make the best use of the varieties offered in summer, you definitely fail as a photographer. Trying creative postures like the model kissing a butterfly or wandering in a field draped in yellow mustard flowers or brooding while clouds cover the blue sky in afternoon, widens the scope to infinite level in summer.

  1. Spontaneity is the Key to Successful Photography

Capturing spontaneous, natural movements of the model can add magic to your photograph. It reflects the ease, casualness, and candidness of summer. Imposing a pose can make them feel awkward and clumsy.

  1. Handle Harsh Light

The harsh outside light in summer can ruin your picture if you don’t take necessary steps to prevent its interference. Use reflectors and diffusers properly or hire an assistant to take care of these stuffs while you concentrate on your job. Deciding the location of the subject with respect to sun is crucial too.


  1. Play with Shadows

Try to make use of shadows. The desired shadow of the subject can be achieved by making the correct use of sunrays. The strategic placing of the subject with respect to the sun can help you play with shadows and use them in your photograph.

  1. Go for Comfortable Clothes

Heavy and rich textured clothes in summer photo session should be an absolute no-no. Advise your clients to get dressed in cotton, georgette, silk, or any lightweight fabric teamed up with light accessories and sandals. This will keep the model cool, comfortable, and calm during a long photo session.


  1. Make Use of the Colors of Summer

Shooting in summer should make the best use of the colors meant for that season. This will not only enhance the portrait but also remind you of the vibrancy of summer each time you or your client looks at the photograph. Make your client go for colors like Yellow, blue, pink, lime, orange paired up with more neutral colors like gray or white. Bright colors for clothing will not only reflect light but also ruin the essence of summer photography.

  1. Summer Protection

Photographing outside in summer needs special care and attention. Make sure you and your client have used sufficient and good quality sweat free sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

  1. Try Tanned Looks

Tanned look of the model can be tried in summer. If your model wants to go for a tanned look, ask him/her to do so at least before a week. The tan should be uniform and perfect. Over-tanning can be harmful and will furnish a bad look in photo.

10. Be Natural

Ask your client to use minimum makeup. Other than a good oil-free moisturizer, concealer, lip color, anything else should be discouraged. Over-makeup ruins capturing of the essential facial features and expressions. Besides, sweating also creates smudginess.


These tips when followed, along with other technical aspects, will help you achieve the perfect shot making full use of the essence of summer and its vitality.

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